Efficient Light for Creative Work at Ingenhoven Architects

The Project

Project: Office of ingehoven architects
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
Client: Real estate company Plange Mühle GbR
Architecture: ingenhoven architects
ERCO Products: Optec
Photo: Thomas Mayer © ERCO GmbH

Ingenhoven architects are known as pioneers of ecologically sustainable and technologically progressive architecture. High levels of flexibility, precise execution, and spatial efficiency are the self-imposed principles with which they approach each of their projects. They've successfully implemented architectural projects of all sizes and typologies worldwide and have used ERCO luminaires in many of their buildings, such as the Lufthansa Aviation Center and the European Investment Bank in Luxembourg. They also use tried-and-trusted ERCO lighting tools for illuminating their own offices.

Photo: Thomas Mayer © ERCO GmbH
Turning old into new

The Plange Mill in the Düsseldorf Media Harbour, built at the beginning of the 20th century, was once used for the production of flour. Now the carefully renovated complex forms an exciting symbiosis of old and new in which creative minds forge unique ideas. The successful integration of the original buildings is particularly impressive, such as the historical clock tower embedded in the modern linear building construction. On the fifth floor of the new building, above the urban hustle and bustle, are the generously proportioned offices of ingenhoven architects. High, loft-like ceilings, white walls and a communicative island of desks positioned along the entire length of the room form an open working environment for around 100 architects – along with a fantastic view of the Rhine and Düsseldorf's skyline.

Photo: Thomas Mayer © ERCO GmbH
Accentuated light for high visual comfort

Quick scribbling, spontaneous agreements or concentrated screen work, the working methods prevalent in the architectural office are as individual as the projects designed. In order to meet the diverse lighting tasks, a lighting solution with flexible Optec spotlights and track was installed. Light distributions such as narrow spot, spot, oval flood, wide flood and wallwash are matched to the various work areas and place the needs of the employees first. Mounting the spotlights on track, and the possibility of changing the light distribution via lenses without the need of tools, provides a high degree of flexibility for future adaptations.

Photo: Thomas Mayer © ERCO GmbH
Qualitative instead of conventional lighting design

Instead of uniform general lighting, ingenhoven architects use zonal lighting with a warm white light 3000K color. The connected load of the Optec spotlights is only 8 or 24 watts. Last but not least, the accent light lends special attention to the visually stimulating architectural models and provides exciting focal points within the modern office environment.

Photo: Thomas Mayer © ERCO GmbH